Contemporary Mexican American Artist


Sculpture Garden & Carving Studio in Austin, Texas

Born of Earth’s Most Sustainable Medium. Natural Marble, Limestone and Alabaster

From large outdoor fine art carvings to home and business gallery scale sculptures.


Austin, Texas Stone Sculpture- Contemporary Mexican American Sculptor

“Living with good, well done art feeds your soul daily  and nurtures you as a thinking  and thoughtful human being ”  -Q

My “style”, if your looking for a descriptor, varies as much as my life experiences have.  I carve what I want. I use stone from all over the world for my expressions.  I carve large scale quarter and half ton public garden sizes sculptures to gallery “table top” pedestal pieces .  I carve really tiny sculptures that fit in the palm of your hand for home dioramas and personal displays.

I carve abstract contemporary pieces, rustic pieces inspired by my Meso-American roots and pieces declarative of my graphic design background.

I carve for joy and I love what I do.  Nothing bring me more joy than to stand  to  watch someone walk up to one of my sculptures and watch them smile the smile of discovery.

The Cat

My sculptures may be seen now at Art For The People Gallery in South Austin and online.


Mr. Pink, 5”

Pink translucent soapstone

Personal Size Art