Cat Quintanilla
The Artist

Artists Statement an opportunity for a shared human experience. 

That art even exists is a reflection of society's respect for the exercise of abstract thinking and is a celebration of the playful, universal and historical appeal of "all things beautiful".  

My work as a sculptor brings the power of the third dimension to play. Add to the formula the interactive nature of being able move around and view sculpture from a limitless number of vantage points and it becomes clear how very powerful and compelling sculpture can be.

My work pulls from many visual troves including but not limited to universal forms found in nature and abstract yet hauntingly familiar icons from generations past. 

My work seeks to evoke a gentle rainbow of emotional responses and a curious wonder for the medium of stone.  Above all my sculptures are about wonder and exist to bring the spirit of discovery to those that they meet.  

As a practitioner of the subtractive sculpting process,

I often times tell folks: “With stone sculpture, as with life, it’s what you leave behind that counts”.


BFA University or Texas at Austin.        

In addition,  I have learned and continue to learn from my scores of wonderful art associates and stone carving friends .


-Acquisition of a Quintanilla sculpture by the City of San Antonio or their permanent art collection for the Central Library downtown.

-Honorable Mention, Bastrop Public Sculpture Exhibit

-Featured artist  Cedar Park Texas Sculpture Garden

-Honorable mention “Sculpture on Main” ,

Marble Falls, Texas

-Honorable mention, Art Hop Georgetown, Tx

-Featured Artist to be showcased May  2013 at the Capitol Visitor Center Old Emporium Bakery Building on Congress Avenue, Austin Texas

-Recognized in 2011 at The University of Texas Latin American Center as an outstanding Latina artist and for lifetime contributions to the Austin area. The initiative  “Voces de Latina” was spearheaded by the City of Austin History Center & featured 101 outstanding Latina Texas Women.


Marta Stafford Line Art, Marble Falls Texas

Austin ArtSpace, “LOVE”   Austin Visual Arts Assoc

An Art Affair, Lakeway Texas

ZaZa’s Garden Gallery, San Antonio, Texas

Centro Cultural Atzlan, San Antonio, Texas

Russell Hill Rodgers Gallery, San Antonio Texas

Aloft. TSA Show , Dallas, Texas

Gallista Gallery, San Antonio, Texas

Wesley Gallery, Dripping Springs, Texas

Betz Contemporary Art Gallery, Houston, Texas

Highwire Arts Gallery, San Antonio, Texas


Austin Contemporary, The Art School at Laguna Gloria Austin, Texas

Southwest School of Art, Adjunct Faculty,

San Antonio, Texas

Sculpture Challenge, Dripping Springs, Texas

Sculptfest, Umlauf Garden, Austin, Texas

Sculptors Dominion, San Antonio, Texas

Luminaria, San Antonio, Texas

Arts Commission, Sunset Valley, Texas

Texas Sculpture Group, Texas

Texas Society of Sculptors, Texas

Women and Their Work, Austin, Texas

Texas Originals, Texas Arts Commission

SAVA, San Antonio Texas

The Stone Whisperers, San Antonio,Texas

Other Life Experiences

Twenty five years Graphic Design Service, 

Austin, Texas

Nine years in elected office including serving as mayor, City of Sunset Valley,Texas

     Born in East Austin, I now enjoy working full time as a sculptor.  I have benefited from a diverse life, from my years as a graphic designer to the more than 10 years in public service including serving as mayor of a small central Texas city.  
    I realize now that all of these life experiences have lead to the carvers cap I wear today working with the community of Artists and Sculptors.
    I invite you visit with me and see my art when you are in Austin, Texas! Also in May 2015 my studio is open for two weekends for WEST and ideal time to visit to my outdoor sculpture garden and to watch other sculptors and artists working live for two weekends.      
                                    Stone Carver Cat


Sculpture Group


may book visits to the carving studio. Garden clubs, art groups etc. Contact me today!

Texas Society

of Sculptors

Hey...“Whatever It Takes” 

The Cat wins... again.

Raul is Cat’s Husband of

42 years and Helper Deluxe

Miss Olive
the Studio Pup. 
A constant source of joy

Raul Solis

Austin, Texas Stone Sculpture

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